Education Series


All users may register for Psychology Computing Workshops via the PTS: Psychology Ticketing System. Classes meet in Computer Lab Room 371A

Fall 2010

Introduction to Unix Part I Thurs Sept 30 @ 10am
UNIX is a powerful multiuser, multitasking operating system that has become an industry standard. UNIX provides virtual memory and network support, a productive software development environment and a rapidly expanding set of end-user applications.
The class will focus on:
Usernames and Passwords
Logging in and out via ssh
Unix Commands, Help, Files, Directories, Paths
Accessing your email with Pine or Mutt

Introduction to Unix Part II Thurs Oct 7 @ 10am
The class will focus on:
Metacharacters, Editors, Command line Editing nano,pico,vi,vim
File and Directory Access Protection
Mail & News

Securing Windows Xp Thurs Oct 21 @ 10am
The class will focus on:
Spyware Prevention and anti trojan defense

Securing Mac OS X Thurs Nov 11 @ 10am
The class will focus on:
Securing Mac services
Proper usage of the root account
Tips and Tricks

Securing Linux*
The class will focus on:
Securing Linux GNU OS Services
Proper sudo usage
Other Linux related security issues

Identity Theft Prevention and Recovery Thurs Dec 2 @ 10am
The class will focus on:
Myths vs Reality
Preventing ID Theft
Recovering your credit after an ID Theft
Protecting yourself online

Introduction to Poster Creation*
The calss will focus on:
Creating Posters with non microsoft software
Troubleshooting your poster
Fixing Powerpoint created posters

Introduction to Webpage Creation Part I*
Basic introduction to creating your own webpage. This class will focus primarily on the simplest HTML tags and how to efficiently use them.

Introduction to OpenBSD*
Installing Openbsd and using it efficiently as a desktop.

Introduction to Mac OS X Part I*
The class will focus on:
Navigating OS X
Installing & Removing Programs in OS X
OS X Preferences

Introduction to Mac OS X Part II*
The class will focus on:
In depth usage of OS X
Advanced Usage of Mac OS X utilities
Shortcuts & Tricks

Phone System Tutorial*
The class will focus on:
New Features of Phone System
Navigating New Phone System
Tips & Tricks

* Classes will not be taught in the Fall of 2010