Psychology Acceptable Use Policies

This draft document is a representative addendum to the Rutgers University Acceptable Use and Security policies which are listed in the preceding links. The use of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express is strictly forbidden without the express approval of the System Administrator. In todays internet landscape a virus scan utility is not a real necessity since most virus scanners are ineffective and can only protect the end user if and only if the scanner is given the appropriate data files. It takes anywhere from 10 to 24 hours for a virus scan database to be updated when a new virus is discovered. Due to the high risk of viral/spyware/adware infection all users who utilize the aforementioned Microsoft products will experience a variety of issues which will directly affect their ability to properly access internet based resources. Users may use Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera, Safari, and other non Microsoft or Internet Explorer dependent browsers. The Mozilla suite of products have now been replaced by mozilla firefox and thunderbird.


End-Users may only retrieve email utilizing imap-ssl or pop3-ssl Certain filetypes may be precluded from being transmitted or received via the SMTP/Mail server for example foo.exe. This directive will take effect in the event of a mass viral attack.


Please See Rutgers OIT Spam Policy for information on dealing with Spam. All spam is filtered to End-Users spam folder. It is the responsibility of the End-User to assure that non spam email is not being marked as spam. Users are encouraged to email an mbox file of all non-spam/spam emails to the System Administrator on a monthly basis. Any non mbox email of non-spam/spam will be ignored. For information on how to create an mbox file please consult your email clients documentation. Users may also utilize webmail and create a folder called "Ham" which the system administrator will scan for incorrectly marked spam emails. All Spam folders are cleared every 30 days. Please consult the deparmental policy on email which is available here.

Security Levels

Low: Users in this group have access to their email via the main servers and do not interact in any way with the server. All users by default are granted a security level of low.

Moderate: Users in this group have access to their email and also ssh access to the main servers. All moderate security users must change their passwords at least once every six months. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain upper and lowercase characters as well as symbols and numbers. Users will forfeit access to the server if passwords fail security audit or if passwords are not changed when requested by System Administrator. Any changes or alterations made to any files in the user directory may result in the user being unable to receive email or the user locking themselves out of their own accounts. Users are warned to exercise caution especially if they do not know what they are doing. Removing or deleting necessary files can be dangerous. All users of this level will have limits placed on cpu usage and the amount of processes they may execute on server.

A list of ssh clients is available here


The main servers DO NOT support ftp access. To upload files to the server you must use sftp.

A list of sftp clients is available here

Lab Entry

The System Administrator will only enter a lab when a Federal or State law has been violated. The System Administrator is legally obligated to enter all labs when he/she has been notified of such an occurrence. Lab owners will be notified of the situation when this occurs. The System Administrator will only enter labs when requested by lab owner, lab technicians, TA or PTS ticket; this section applies only to labs that wish to have limited public access. It is the responsibility of the lab owner to insure that all individuals in their labs are not violating any Laws, Policies, or Guidelines of Rutgers University, The State of New Jersey, The Federal Government, and the Department of Psychology. The Physical Psychology network aka the wiring in the walls, phone system, commons printers, and other common devices that fall under the direct supervision of the System Administrator are altered and modified on a daily basis. Labs may not decide what IP addresses they are allocated , if they are able to print to the common printers, or in any way govern the IT infrastructure of the Rutgers Network. This is a University wide policy and is enacted due to the fact that the System Administrator has to program the routers, switches, dhcp server, and other systems which allow internet and wireless access on a daily basis.

Security Policy

The needs of the one will not outweigh the needs of the many. Any alteration to the network, server, or IT systems which will violate the integrity and security of all users will be strictly prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS

Printing Policy

The departmental printers are to be used for psychology purposes only. Please do not excessively print documents and not retrieve them up. Printing 50 copies of the same document is considered excessively printing unless this document is for a conference or a class. Documents for classes under normal circumstances should be photocopied not printed via the printers. Printing unrelated materials for example high school lunch schedules, tax forms, etc are strictly prohibited.

Do not open, attempt to fix, or in any way impede the operation of the printers. All labs must utilize their lab printers for their printing tasks except in the case where a lab does not have a printer of its own. The main printers are to be used for high volume jobs only. The commons printers are for faculty use when faculty members are located in their offices. Teaching Assistants and Part Time Lecturers may print to the commons printers only if they are located in a lab or room that does NOT have a printer or if they are located in their respective offices.

It is the responsibility of the labs to purchase all necessary supplies. Departmental supplies are to be used in departmental resources only. Do not remove any supplies which belong to the printers or the copy machine.

All labs or individuals failing to respect the Printing Policy will have an incident report submitted both to the chair and the Department Manager for review.