Computer Lab Policies & Guidelines

The computer labs are for the express use of the Psychology Department. The computer lab computers only print to the computer lab printer. Printing to any other printer is not allowed without the System Administrator being present. If you wish to print from the computer lab please arrange an appointment with the System Administrator via the PTS ticketing system.

You may not save personal information to the computer lab systems since they are publicly accessible. All users are responsible for their own materials and hardware. The computer lab is exempt from responsibility for any lost, misplaced, or stolen items which are left in the lab.

TA's and Graduate Students may install only psychology related software onto computers with the express written consent of the System Administrator. Installation of any software on computer lab systems is strictly PROHIBITED unless otherwise stipulated. All TA/RA's without a computer system are granted access to the computer in the TA room. Please see System Administrator or main office to arrange your access to this room.

Watching movies, dvds, streaming programs, playing music, etc.., may only be done on the computer lab systems and only with the programs that have already been installed for that purpose. The use of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player is not allowed and access to these systems have been removed; the same applies for real player and quicktime player. The computer lab systems do not have the processing power nor hard drive capability to continuously use these programs. The use of said programs also creates an unnecessary risk of viral, spyware, adware, trojans, and other malicious script infections.



Please respect others around you. Use headphones to listen to music or any other audio devices.

Do NOT under any circumstances unplug any wires. If you require a power outlet of network port and cannot find an available one, please contact the System Administrator for assistance.

Please do NOT touch the poster printer, computer equipment on shelf near ceiling, the wireless access point, or the black cabinet on the floor without first speaking with the System Administrator. Failure to respect the rules and regulations of this lab will not be tolerated and therefore will be dealt with accordingly.

Do NOT play with the projector. See System Administrator for assistance.

Please do NOT install any p2p or file sharing programs like kazaa on any of the computers.

DO NOT INSTALL ANY program on these computers. Failure to respect this rule will immediately result in your access being terminated.

Please do not bring any food or drinks into the lab. If you spill or in any way damage any of the systems in the lab you are personally responsible for compensating the psychology department.

Please put your trash in the receptacles.

Please turn your monitor off before you leave the lab.

You are only allowed to use these facilities if it pertains to psychology work. DO NOT PRINT EXCESSIVELY. The printers in the computer lab are incapable of printing to any other printers in the department.

The lab computers support every document type irrespective of the system in which they were created on.