Miscellaneous Policies

IP Subnet Policy

As stated in Guidelines for the Responsibilities of a Systems Administrator, the System Administrator is responsible for the psychology LAN/WAN only. All labs which operate as subnets of a Psychology LAN/WAN address are not the responsibility of the System Administrator. As per Rutgers University and Telecommunications Division policies, the System Administrator has no control over subnets since these are private ip allocations therefore responsibility lies with the owner or lab IT personnel. All wireless access points operating from private subnets are the direct responsibility of the lab owner or lab IT personnel.

Poster Printing

1) Poster-printing sessions must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
2) All appointments must be made through the IT ticketing system.
3) If you cannot arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment, you must notify the IT person immediately so that the appointment can be rescheduled without infringing on others' scheduled times.

Please consult the help documentation section of this website for more information on poster printing

Non Departmental Posters

There is a charge of $40 or more for all non departmental posters.

Size: 42Hx50W and below$40
42Hx51W to 42HX60W$60
42HX61W to 42HX82W$80
42HX83W and upPrices start at $100 and will be quoted before printing

PTS Ticketing 24 hour policy

The ticketing systems 24 hour turnaround means that you will be contacted within 24 hours in regard to your ticket. Once you have been contacted, you will submit your available hours for an appointment. The 24 hour cycle is coded into the system, there is no way to avoid this. Ticket appointments may only be cancelled by speaking directly to the System Administrator except in the case of serious emergencies. Serious emergencies = oh no my car is on fire. Ticket appointments take precedence over all other issues that are not emergencies.

The instruction pages for the ticketing system contains further information in regards to the operation and guidelines which govern the PTS system.

Fishbowl Reservation

If you do not have an event scheduled in the fishbowl and no reservation request was made, but you require the use of the A/V equipments please notify the System Administrator at least 24 hrs in advance.

General Internet Policy

When surfing the internet do not install any programs which are not from reputable software sites or from the vendor themselves, i.e. if it is a microsoft product then get the download form microsoft's website. Be aware that certain websites can be spoofed "made to look like the real thing" in order to fool end users into believing that these sites are legitimate. If you wish to prevent popups simply disable plugins, active X, java and java script or setup your browser to only allow these plugins on specific sites. The firefox browser is very good at preventing popups and can be made even better by adding extensions to it. If you are running a windows system please use a firewall as well as antivirus suite.

All users are encouraged to be on guard for malicious attempts to infect and render their systems inoperable. The use of Internet Explorer and Outlook is striclty forbidden on the psychology network.

A list of mozilla firefox and thunderbird extensions are available here

Why is Internet Explorer Unsafe
Stop IE
US Government Warn Against Internet Explorer

Email Tips

Do not open any email from anyone that you do not know. It is recommended that you use Mozilla Thunderbird or any other open source email client. Do not use outlook or outlook express. The psychology server comes complete with at least 13 different spam filtering databases and many other ways to stop spam. Most modern email clients are equipped with built in spam filtering. Whenever you receive an attachment be sure that it is from someone you know and that you scan the file for viruses before attempting to open it. If you think a file may contain a virus or are not sure simply send it to the system administrator either via the PTS ticketing system.

All users should consult the department's email policy and Rutgers University spam policies for more information in regards to email filtering and other antispam measures.

IP Address Recycling

All computers that have not used their ip addresses for a period of one year will forfeit access to their allocated ip address and network access. The users of these ip addresses will be notified when the ip address is no longer available.

Disk Quota

The disk quota for department members are as follows
Faculty and Staff 1 Gigabyte
Graduate Students 750 Megabyte

Account Removal

Psychology Accounts are removed from the server one year after graduation or departure from the department. Accounts are generally removed in August and January of the current year. Users may request for an extension of their account privileges by contacting the System Administrator.