Commons Printer Printing Guide

Printing to the commons printers presents a variety of time or user related issues:
Users sometimes open up the printers and leave them in that state
Users alter the paper settings preventing others from being able to print
Users remove paper from the printers and do not replace it
Users alter the internal parts of the printers and leave them inoperable
Users alter the general printer settings which then deactivates the printers

Printing Presents a Challenge for Faculty and Grad Students

Whenever a problem occurs users, both faculty and students are inconvenienced because they are unable to print their documents or exams and therefore must wait for IT help to arrive in order to resolve the issue.

Problems sometimes occurs when the professional staff has already left for the day therefore you are unable to perform this task.

Getting Help

Users should notify the IT staff whenever the commons printers are offline by going to the main office and reporting the issue, via email at, or via the office phone system by dialing extension 3964 for Amado Tucker or extension 3935 for Paulina Vilana.

What to do When You are Unable to Print to the Commons Printers

In the event that the commons printers are offline users have the following options:
Print to the printer located in their research labs
Print to the printer located in the computer lab
Print to a printer located in your office
Utilize the campus computing labs or the campus libraries to print the document

Minor Issues Related to Printing

What to do when the printer says load tray 1 aka issues related to A4 European paper

The commons printers will instruct the user to load tray 1 with paper if the document being printed has been encoded in a non US paper format.

In the event of such an occurrence users may resolve this issue by following these steps: 1: Hit the green button with the symbol of a check once
2: Once this button has been pressed the printer will ask you if you wish to use tray 2 instead
3: Press the check button once more to confirm and your print job will begin to be processed

Note: You may have to follow this procedure for each page of the document based on how the document was created.


Users may avoid the A4 paper format issue by ensuring that their computers are set to print in US and not European format in word. This setting unfortunately cannot be changed when a pdf file is involved.

Windows Vista/7 Printing

In order to print to networked printers or properly access network shares you must purchase windows vista/7 professional or ultimate edition. You will not be able to print if you have another version of windows vista/7.