How To Change Your Psychology Password via SSH

This section applies only to users who have ssh access to the psychology clusters


Changing your password may require more work than selecting a new password. Some programs store your e-mail password for your convenience. When you change your password, you need to update any program that has your old password saved. Programs that often store your password are e-mail programs (like Eudora and Outlook Express, Thunderbird) and browser programs (like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer).

Password Choice Requirements

Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters in length.
Passwords cannot be all numbers, all letters or contain personal information like your birth date. A password that contains a dictionary word (in virtually any language) that is four characters or longer will be rejected.
Passwords must contain at least one number, letters both upper and lowercase characters, and at least one special character.

Suggested strategies for selecting a valid password

Choose a word, then scramble it with some random numbers (e.g., buffalo becomes Bu3fa2o). Convert an easy-to-remember phrase into an acronym. "It is a very fine day" could be abbreviated to "iiavfd", and then by adding two nonalphabetic characters, would become a valid password of iia44fd.

Changing Your Password via SSH

Changing your password is a very straight forward process.
Once you have logged into the server via ssh, simply issue the command: passwd
The server will prompt you for your old password.
After you have entered your old password and hit the enter button on your keyboard the server will then request that you enter your new password twice. That's it your new password is now active.